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You. Me. Presence.
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Do you want to feel more connected to yourself?

Experience, understand and feel yourself as WHOLE?


You don't have to do it all by yourself!

I am here to support you in this process.

You have my undivided attention and are welcome with everything!


Take time for yourself and let yourself be touched.

Rediscover yourself again in your whole spectrum and potential!


I work with elements from different Massage Styles, Embodiment Coaching, Emotional Release, Gestalttherapy, Tantra, Kinesiology and Shamanism ...


Intuitive bodywork and embodiment coaching.



What is bodywork/ embodiment coaching?

The body is the center of our experience and the direct contact to our environment.

The body perceives, feels, informs us and shapes our actions and thoughts. 

Often we have forgotten to listen to the signals or suppress them.


Body work/body coaching uses the intelligence of the body and brings it back into balance with consciousness.


The base of bodywork is the belief that the body has its own wisdom which can give us access to the unconscious, the suppressed and even the past because it has stored information about everything we have ever been experiencing.

Through the body, we can look at, allow and dissolve experiences or trauma, without the head needing to analyze and understand everything -
the body never lies!


In embodiment coaching we work with movements, posture, awareness and breathing. 


Bodywork means more "hands on" and actively receiving the touch with awareness and breathing.

By working with the body's intelligence, deep and sustainable changes with a direct and immediate effect on the entire system are possible.

Bodywork can go very deep and touch you on all levels.

You can get into very relaxed but also very disturbing states.

You often come into deeper contact with your subconscious and meet topics or emotions that want to be felt, welcomed and accepted.

Everything is welcome!

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosphy!

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

What's the point?

> It's all about you- enjoy it!


> Your nervous system relaxes.


> You feel less stressed and can face the challenges of your life more relaxed.


> You can release unconscious emotions that have established themselves as tension in your body.


> By releasing the blockages, your life energy will flow more freely.


> You will have more energy and be more productive and creative.


> You have the opportunity to work on feelings of fear, guilt and shame and let go.


> Your self-acceptance and self-love will develop.

> You learn to be more present with yourself and thus also with other people.


> You rediscover your body - as a consultant in matters of life and health and as a path to pleasure.


> Your trust in your body and your intuition grows - you gain self-confidence.


> You will find access to new perspectives and solutions.


> In the long term, you can change habits ...


> ... and bring your lifestyle more in harmony with your body.


> Your physical and psychological well-being improves.







Your body always tells the truth- let´s listen!

How to make an appointment?

If that appeals to you and you feel a YES (or a MAYBE), then shoot me a message with your telephone number and some times, when you can best be reached.


We will then arrange a free 20 min. introductory call in which we will find out if my offer fits your needs.




What happens?

First, we have a pre-talk in which we can connect and find out what exactly the topic of the session will be.


Then we start with a ritual and create a safe space for your journey.

We talk about desires, boundaries and intentions. I am slowly making contact energetically and/or physically.


The process will be intuitive.

I keep asking for your consent and you can always tell me, if you don't want something or if an impulse or wish arises. This open and honest communication is the base for being able to relax and being open to what wants to reveal itself.


In the end, you have time to rest and to integrate what you have experienced.


You will also have the opportunity to share and reflect any insights, feelings and experiences you had, in order to anchor them even deeper and bring them into consciousness before we close our container for this time.


More body, less mind.
More feeling,less thinking.
More being, less doing.
More life!

How long is a session?

You should really take your time for an appointment.

A bodywork session lasts 2 hours.

A coaching session takes 1 hour.

I also recommend that you do not make any big plans before and especially not after the session, but rather allow yourself peace and space for the full effect of the treatment to unfold.

How much is it?

First, it costs you a call or a message!

Then it is an energy balance for me and to cover the additional costs, which depend on various factors (e.g. location of treatment, distance/time traveled...) that we have to discuss individually.


As a guide, you should calculate

for 2 hours body work with 180-360€.

for 1 hour coaching with 90-180€.

With online coaching, there is no room rental which makes it cheaper.

The numbers above represent a sliding scale - depending on your financial possibilities.

I don't want money or rather the lack thereof to be in the way if you want a session with me.

Please contact me! I am also open to payment installments or other forms of compensation.

The body says, what words cannot.
(Martha Graham)


I clearly emphasize that my treatments and events do not replace any diagnosis or treatment by a doctor, naturopath or therapist.


They are also not used to treat or cure specific diseases.

I do not prescribe any medication and make no healing promises.

My goal is to support people in their personal responsibility and to activate their self-healing powers.

The treatment methods I use are massages & coaching.

Liability for any consequences of the treatment is excluded.

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