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Here you can find my current events, campaigns and collaborations

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Valentine's rEVOLution

Rote Fabrik, Neuaubing


Here's your alternative to classic Valentine's Day madness!

We celebrate love in all its forms.


Love is a vast, transformative force that motivates, heals, is vital, and grows as we spread it.

Love is rEVOLutiion!

Love is EVOLution!

That's why we want to enjoy and celebrate them together!


It doesn't matter what kind of love is most present in your life right now...

No matter what type of relationship you live or wish for...

Whether single, with a partner, monogamous, poly...

Whether you come alone, with a partner or with friends...

.... you are very welcome here!


We want to create a space together where we can take our time...

... for self-love

... for connection to ourselves and others

... to dance and celebrate with music from the wonderfulAnna Famari!

Take yourself on a date and celebrate love with community!

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Conscious Date Night Munich

near Stachus


We're back with the first event of the year!

Tired of dating apps?

The superficial swipe left, swipe right with the hope that a real connection is waiting behind the next profile?

How about if we would meet real people consciously and presently instead of pimped profiles and pictures?


If we would share honestly and vulnerablely from the heart and really listen to each other?


If we would be able to meet without any masks and to feel if we find the vibes of the other person interesting and attractive?

The CONSCIOUS DATE NIGHTS offer exactly that:

a completely new approach to the dating world.


With this event we create a field in which it is possible to explore attraction on a mental, physical, energetic and spiritual level.


It is a real opportunity to meet other wonderful people with consciousness and an open heart.

The new dating - it's different, it's honest, it's real.


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