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Here you can find my current events, campaigns and collaborations

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magic touch
The art of touch



 27.05.- 29.05.2023
nähe Stachus


Touch is art!
Experience and feel the magic!

This is a 3-part series of touches that will take place from 27.5.-29.5.

You can book part 1 alone or you can also decide for part 2 or be part of the complete series (parts 1, 2 and 3).

In this workshop I pass on the most precious experiences from my more than 25 years of experience with bodywork and touch because I wish that the ART OF TOUCH will be revived and nourish the world!

The tools and skills shared in this course have the potential to enrich all of your relationships - with friends, family, lovers and with yourself.

These skillz are not usually considered in massage classes, but are essential for making magic out of touch.

Let yourself be touched in your whole being - your body AND your soul!

LEVEL 1 is about BASIC skillz like
*clear communication  
*Regulation of the nervous system

*Active receiving
*physical and energetic sensitivity…. 

LEVEL 2 will add some ADVANCED skillz and we explore

and deepen the potential for healing, magic and ecstasy through the art of touch.

We also deepen the basic skillz.

LEVEL 3 INTIMATE also includes the areas of the body that are usually left out in massages.

We will research together how we can encounter the body in its entirety and full of wonders and how we can specifically include the so-called "intimate area" as part of the whole.

Prerequisite for LEVEL 3 INTIMATE is participation in LEVEL 1 BASIC and LEVEL 2 ADVANCED.

What is the potential for healing, discovery and magic in the art of touch?

Let's explore the MAGIC of TOUCH!



Temple of the Senses-1.jpg

Rausch der Sinne



What happens when we let our senses guide?

Which senses are most active and which still have potential for development?

Which sense puts you in a trance when spoken to?

How can our senses help us connect, heal, or pray at the altar of life's fullness?

We explore and indulge in sensual experience to activate and celebrate Eros.

This is an advanced temple, for people who have attended a CONSCIOUS TEMPLE MUNICH before and are familiar with the temple pillars and boundary work.

Login with password only.


The Field Festival
Edge Of Emergence

New Eden, Netherlands


As you might know, I am currently part of a year long facilitator training called THE FIELD.

As part of this training, we are organizing and holding this festival.

We are 48 facilitators from across the globe, including world-leading practitionersRachel Rickards,Christian Pankhurst,Elaine Yonge, David Cates, Andrea Paige and Lennart Hennig, united by a soul mission to serve awakening—in ourselves, in community, and in the wider world.

And you are invited to join us!

Explore your edges in over 60 workshops in embodiment, dance, shadow work, sacred sexuality, breathwork, sound healing, intimacy, and much more, all held with a deep awareness of trauma and tender hearts.

Make new connections in an intimate community of 120 incredible human beings, sharing and receiving each other's gifts to the world, hosted at a beautiful retreat center in the Dutch countryside.

60+ workshops

50 acres of nature

48 facilitators

1 unique gathering

And you?

We are so eager to know who is stepping into the field with us.

Are you in?


Spiritual Sexual Shamanic EXPERIENCE



This training is about the integration of body, head, emotion and sexuality.

This allows a reconnection with our personal power and carries the potential for deep transformation.

I personally learned tools in this retreat that enable me to deal with myself and everything that life has in store for me in a more relaxed way, allowing myself to move through life freely, energetically and authentically.

I wish I had learned these things sooner - but it's never too late!


Spiritual Sexual Shamanic INITIATION



Level2 assumes that you have experienced and integrated Level1.

It is not a direct continuation of Level1, but a journey into the mysteries of life.

It is about shifting our identity into the soul and becoming the source of our own life, our love and our empowered expression in the world.

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