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Conscious. Magical. Sensual.
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Be invited to join us at a new and at the same time ancient space of connection:


In the  TEMPLE you will touch the sacred ground of exploration and connection to yourself and to others in love, sensuality and mindfulness.


A space to return to your true essence and connect to others and life from that point.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

What is a temple?


> A temple is a loving and conscious space that offers you an opportunity to connect more deeply with your intuition, your trust in yourself, your heart and your lust.


> A space to get out of your head and land more in your body, heart and soul.


> A place where we honor life in all aspects as sacred and celebrate authenticity.


> A space where all parts of you are welcome - real and without masks - where your longings and fears have a home.


> In the temple, shadows are invited to come to light.


> A temple is a place where we have permission to learn, play and explore innocently, naughty, open, s3xy. We are invited to let go of old patterns and walk new paths with consciousness and curiosity.


> A place to celebrate life, dance, emotional expression, humanness and eros.


> A space for sensual experiences, for intimacy, authentic connections and a celebration of the human experience in all its aspects.


> Temples are spaces where sexuality is welcomed, celebrated, honored and viewed as a sacred expression of human life. Temples of sacred sexuality are currently being reborn all over the world through Tantra, Taoism and modern mystery schools.


It's all about love, healing, beauty, sensuality, sexuality, pleasure and lifeforce

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Is this for me?


> The event is for people who enjoy learning and growing in community and are interested in personal development.

> No matter what gender you are sexually attracted to or how you define your own gender (if at all) you are welcome.

> Singles, couples and all other forms of love and relationship are welcome. If you are coming with a partner (or coming as an individual and have partner(s) outside of the event), please discuss your relationship boundaries prior to the event.

> You should be aware and open to the fact that the guided exercises are not designed as partnership experiences and that we address each person as an individual. We work with random partner combinations.


> Participants should always be open to working with anyone. You are invited to go beyond personal preferences and notions of sexual attraction, into a space where all are welcomed and valued.

> At the same time, we encourage you to communicate and respect your own boundaries at all times and to take personal responsibility for yourself.

> We expect you to act self-responsible, consent-oriented, mindfully and to communicate clearly and honestly. Only YOU are able to take responsibility for yourself! If you feel like you are not 100% responsible for your sexual actions, this is not the place for you!

> The temple is a time to nourish soul and body with contact and love. Whatever you want to do, do it with awareness, presence, and most importantly, do it slower and differently than you are used to.

> Those interested in this event should be relaxed with nudity as there will very likely be nudity in the room. Of course, you determine the degree of your physical (and emotional) nudity yourself.

If your heart is beating a little faster now...

If you feel intrigued reading the description...

If you are curious...

... then the event is for you!



The Temple is like a medicine.

One moment it tastes bittersweet.
The next it´s exquisitely yummy.

All the flavours can be treasured
when we allow the medicine to move through us.


What makes the space safe?


Let's be honest: life is not safe.

And neither are s3xpositive spaces. Mostly because they bring out our most deeply buried issues like shame, guilt, fear, not being enough, too much, etc.


We always try to remind each other

to listen to our truth by being sensitive to the signals of the body,

to respect our own boundaries and those of others

and to never forget that everyone is learning and doing their best.

Because that's what the temple is all about: We practice being authentic humans together.

At all times the room is held by one or more facilitators.

There are also a few Temple experienced participants who serve as assistants/emotional support and are available at all times.


To ensure the best possible mindful and conscious atmosphere, we reserve the right to select the participants at this event.

Therefore, after your registration and ticket purchase, you will receive an e-mail with a Google form. We ask you to answer this form in as much detail as possible.

Only after reviewing your answers will we make a definitive decision on your participation. If we decide against your participation, you will of course get your money back.
Gender identity, sexual orientation, age, etc. are not base of selecting participants.

Also during the event, we reserve the right to ask participants to leave the Temple if their behavior is abusive or otherwise problematic.

Also, temples are alcohol and drug free so we can all be as conscious as possible.

It is not a safe, but a human, mindful, magical and sensual space.

I'm looking forward to welcome you to the temple!

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