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Hello, my name is Sylvi. I am very happy that you are here!


On this page, I try to give you an idea of who i am. But if you really want to get to know me, then you probably have to invest some more time-

I've been trying for more than four decades. ;-)


I´ve been on a long journey to myself- always looking for love, freedom and my wings.

I´m continiously learning more and more about myself. And I discovered that I carry the love, I´ve been searching for, inside of me and that freedom does not come from the outside either.

I finally dare to use my wings.

If you want to know more about my personal story,

i invite you to read the BLOG article

"My story- how i found my soulwings"


Now I want to share what has inspired me with the world. During my sessions or events I´m creating a space for you where you are able to feel and experience yourself. I´d be happy if something in my offers appeals to you. It would be an  honor to work with you.


Love, Sylvi




My calling

I know how painful it is not to feel connected to myself and being isolated from others too.

Feeling separate from everything.

I will always be grateful for having found tools that enabled me to rediscover myself and my wings and to feel what freedom and vitality are.


Freedom and vitality means accepting myself also in all my contradictions.

With all my flaws, shadows, talents, potentials. Everything. It means to be completely myself and to shape my life in such a way that my heart is dancing and my soul is flying.


The first step is to become aware of what I actually want.

What do I like, what do I dislike?

What is my (basic) need at this moment?

What am I feeling?


In contrast to:

What is "sold" to me from the outside?

Which needs are only "secondary needs" and will never satisfy the actual desire?

How was I socially conditioned?


The journey continues every day... always a little deeper.

And I know that I´m not alone in this….


And you aren´t alone, too! We are all in this together!

I´m passionately creating  social spaces, that allow people to express the full spectrum of their being and to reach their full potential. In my experience, that means creating an atmosphere where they feel safe enough to let go of their masks.

In authenticity, we have access to our inner wisdom. We are connected to ourselves and our inner truth. From this point, we can also come into authentic contact with others. When we are in our center, in our strength, we can face life consciously, independently, fully relaxed and without judgment.

We are able to respond to life instead of just reacting.

This means freedom for me!


I see myself as a facilitator, inspirer, tool transmitter, assistant, supporter, midwife on the way to self-empowerment, self-love, fulfillment, self-responsibility, transformation, vitality, creativity and a happy life.


I want to support you to find back to yourself, your soul, to your core.

I want to help you remember!





As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.

(Marianne  Williamson)

My approach

We are like icebergs

As with an iceberg, of which only approx. 5% can be seen above the surface of the water, 95% of our being, experience and potential are unconscious. We can develop more of it if we bring these parts into consciousness.

We always have a choice

...what we think and believe. Also about ourselves


... what we do. In any situation, we can choose how to respond.

We are all miracles

Talking biology: that we are alive is the result of many very favorable circumstances! But also on other levels: everyone is unique and valuable. Worth to be loved and held. Everyone has superpowers and talents just waiting to be revealed.

We have it all inside already

Everything we wish for or what we are looking for on the outside is already there- inside of us! It's just hidden under our beliefsystems, judgments, thoughts and concepts. We judge ourselves all the time and yet we are already everything we want to be. 

Selflove is the base

The same applies here: step by step. Understanding ourselves is a good place to start. First comes understanding, compassion, then acceptance. Only if we really accept ourselves we love ourselves. With self-love comes inner peace. From that peace, we can also meet other people and  earth with a compassionate, understanding and loving attitude.

We are interconnected

I strongly believe in an holistic approach that touches ALL levels of our being: body, mind, emotions, energy, soul. Our experience of life is always connected to everything that surrounds us - people, society, nature, earth ... Everything that happens inside of us also happens on the outside and vice versa. Only when we see, perceive and understand ourselves in our entirety can we develop our true potential.

The body always tells the truth

Our brains can play tricks on us at times. But our body is the direct line to our being - also to the subconscious. Our bodies are the witnesses of our life. Everything we have ever experienced is stored there. Understanding the body's language, listening to it, and taking alarm signals seriously is one of the most important steps towards ourselves.

No rush

We all have our own path and pace as we experience, grow, and learn. It is important that we take time for this process and for integration.

On our journey to ourselves there are no lists to check off, no comparing with others and no competition.

Step by step, just as it feels right for you!

We are not broken

None of us needs to be "repaired". We are not "difficult" or otherwise "defective". Healing our wounds does not mean repairing, saving or correcting! We just experience different opportunities to experience, to grow and let go. This is what we are here for - we are here to experience "being human", not to fit into given templates.


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

(Marianne Williamson)

Trainings and references

> The Field-trauma-informed Facilitator Training

with Rachel Rickards, Davis Cates, Elaine Younge, Christian Pankhurst, Sigourney Belle...

> ISTA organizer Level 1 and 2 trainings in Bavaria, Germany

> METAMORPHOSIS with Rex Rafiq


> embodiment unlimited- Coaching workshop with Mark Walsh


> ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) Training Level1, Level2, Level3


> ISTA PT (Practitioner Training) Modules1

> multiple assistance at the International School of Temple Arts Level 1 and Level 2

   (Berlin, Hawaii, Bali, Türkiye)

> Several times as a guest lecturer at the TUM (Technical University of Munich) for the seminar “Psychoregulation and Relaxation Methods” in the Health Sciences course

> Facilitator at the first and second Conscious Sexuality Festival in Turkey


> Sex & Happiness Program (Laurie Handlers)

> The man within Program (Clara Gómez Santos)


> multiple facilitators at Touch& Play Festival Germany (Schönsee)

> Multiple times as head of the “Soothe & Care Team” at the Touch & Play Festival Germany (Schönsee)


> Shadow Work (Ohad Pele, Raffaello Manacorda)


> Women who see in the dark (Komala Lyra)


> Tantra Massage and Sexological Bodywork (Dietmar Liebold, Switzerland; Lin Holmquist, Sweden)


> Non-violent communication (Akademie Angle, Munich) 


> Thai massage (Chiang Mai - Thailand)


> Studied physiotherapy and classical massage (Sebastian-Kneipp School, Bad Wörishofen)


> Dance teacher with over 25 years of teaching experience in Germany, USA and Canada

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