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How ISTA found me

It was a true mystery how the International School of Temple Arts found the way to start transforming my life from the roots.

4,5 years ago, an open door, a portal, presented itself to me and I went through without knowing what was on the other side:

I attended an ISTA training without even the slightest idea what to expect.

Nevertheless, my whole being felt drawn there.

And it was so crazy how ISTA found me:

My cousin told me about a group of people she met on her travels, who just came out of a training in Portugal.

What she described to me opened my whole system.

She talked about authenticity, honesty, openness and a taste of freedom and perceived a feeling of community/tribe.

While listening to her, I had goosebumps all over and even some tears were running down my cheeks.

I was deeply touched.

And some deep longings came to the surface. Longings of my soul that I´ve been suppressing for decades.

It´s amazing how her description was transmitting so strongly to me, even though she didn´t take the training herself and just talked about her experience with some ISTA graduates.

After that conversation, I was curious and looked the training up on

. I was kind of intrigued but everything also sounded somehow weird and was very, very far away from my reality.

6 months fast forward…

In the meanwhile, I came back to the website maybe 2 more times and then forgot it again.

And then I was travelling in Thailand and one night, while making plans for my next weeks, I found an open tab on my phone.

It was the ISTA website and I found out that 1 week later a training would happen in Koh Phagnan.

And I did it.

I registered.

It was the beginning of a deep transformation and the journey back to myself, back to my soul.

Since then, I have continuously been on the inner journey:

I´m getting to know myself better and better and find deeper connections to everything that happens within me.

I´m healing a lot of deep wounds that kept me from opening up to feeling alive and pleasure.

And I am closer to my deepest soul longings for authenticity, honesty, openness, freedom and tribe than ever before in my life.

My wish is for everyone to be able to experience this!

So, I decided to organize an ISTA training and bring it to my homeland.

The door is open for you!

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