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Let´s talk about... TEMPLES

Updated: Apr 20

Nowadays, the name Temple is oftentimes used for events that include sexuality as a field of exploration.

Many events, labeling themselves „Temples“, (and many people who attend Temples), on the premise of healing or fulfilling the sexuality alone, are focussing very much on this aspect and at the same time missing a vital aspect that can change everything.

Thoughts about Temples from Simon Paul Sutton and Sylvi Cares:

Traditionally, temples are considered one of the most important places in many cultures.

Temples hold an important place in a lot of people’s minds and hearts and are often seen as a symbol of hope.

They are perceived as sacred places where we can go to connect with and worship our understanding of god (great organised design).

For many, a temple offers a place of refuge during difficult times.

Temples are places where we can go to seek and receive guidance, where we can make vows and where initiations are offered for us to receive the power to overcome challenges and get a taste of truth.


A Temple is not about sex.


But also it’s not, NOT about sex.



Of course, it’s possible to bring Temple consciousness to sex and explore sexuality.

We believe that these spaces offer great possibilities for exploration and experiences. They surely play an important role in the learning and growth for many!

We are glad these spaces exist and are expanding around the globe.


And we also acknowledge there’s a reason the ancient tantric paths invited consistent study for decades before students got a glimmer of the secrets of tantric sexual sacred union with another being.


Because it’s not just about that.

It never was.


Yet, the Temple offers an unique opportunity to face ourselves in ways we cannot do when sexuality is left out of the picture.

Within the Temple, we can slowly peel back layer by layer of what sex is not and reveil what Eros is.

Eros is our Life Force Energy.

Connecting to our Eros is a meditation and medicine journey and it is inextricably connected to sex, and yet it’s not sex.

A Temple invites us to completely reorient our very concept of what sex is.


We have the opportunity to redefine and redesign what it means to embody our erotic sovereignty.

We have conflated, mixed up with and mistaken for Eros so many things:

Our need for








even union with the divine.

Unconsciously, we think and project that this is what sex is for.

As we peel back the layers, and get to realise that those things are fully available to us in every moment, in every breath, within ourselves…

Then how do we redefine sex?

For us Temple is a place to explore all of this and more...

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