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Temple Eye Opener

I want to tell you something:

5 years ago I didn't know what a temple was.

I didn't even know such a thing existed.

And suddenly (I'll tell you the exact circumstances another time) I was in my first temple.

Well, more like a fly on the wall.

And full of fear and judgements.

Why afraid?

Because the entire mood and how people navigated themselves and met each other didn't match what my system had learned and knew until then at all.

We are conditioned to first try to fit new things and experiences into a familiar box.



At least that's what our system says at first...

The temple was a completely new experience for me and I was so happy that I met some wonderful people who held me through my fears and helped me

to open my eyes and dissolve my prejudices.

The fear said:

I learned that I (especially as a woman) have to “defend and define” myself and my body.

What I perceived in the temple was

...that women felt completely free and safe.

...that women moved and expressed themselves naturally, whether alone or in contact.

…that slowness and consent exist.

The fear said:

I learned that men are constantly on the hunt and I am the prey.

What I experienced in the temple was

...that people meet in flow, regardless of gender or orientation. goal but openness to whatever is alive.

...that women live their desires and are held and respected in it.

The fear said:

I learned that intense feelings, encounters and self-reflection should happen out of sight from society and in isolation.

What I saw in the temple was

...that it is magical when we are 100% connected to ourselves and to others at the same time.

...that it is wonderful when everything is welcome.

...that it is powerful when we are there for each other and bear witness to each other in our highest highs and lowest lows.

With my open eyes I noticed some qualities in the temple, that I also want to have in my life:












And that's exactly why I'm opening temple spaces here in Munich.

If you want, I would be happy to be your eye opener...

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